Your teammate asks you to review his Pull Request. But what should you check and don’t miss anything? Here is my quick checklist for Reviewer.

Code review checks

During a code review please check that:

  • There are no architectural/design issues
  • There are no antipatterns
  • There are no “code smells” characteristics
  • The code can be easily maintained, changed and/or scaled
  • The code adheres to proper naming convention of functions and variables
  • There is no debug information and print/echo statements
  • There isn’t any commented out code
  • If some code needs to be commented out, there is a TODO mark with name, email and description why it’s commented out
  • There is a new line at the end of files
  • There is a Shebang if needed
  • There are no unused imports, variables, functions
  • If Submitter did refactoring, he cleaned all the code related to his refactoring
  • The file has been created or updated (if needed)
  • All unnecessary files and folders are deleted or added to .gitignore


To make the process of reviewing Pull Requests more enjoyable and expected, you need a set of rules or recommendations. In this post you can find my thoughts on which rules and recommendation you can apply to make the process better.

What do you usually check during the review? Please, share it with me!

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